Summer is Here!!!

state-health-insurance-exchangesSummer is my favorite time of year but those first few days at the shore,lake, pool or river can be a little rough on your self esteem if you are pale and look like you have not gotten any sun. I used to put myself through all kinds of pains to make sure that I was looking decent those first few days.

From fake to bake I did it all to get my tan on! Some things worked out great somethings caused me a great deal of embarrassment. Finding the right way to get some color took some research and a lot of trial and error.

First Things First

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to obtain one of those perfect Hollywood tans is to know that those celebrities are not doing it by spending days in the tanning bed. They are also not getting their tan sprayed on everyday either.

No matter how much money you have or how much time you are willing to stand up naked in front of someone so they can spray smelly chemicals on your body it gets old pretty quickly. No one wants to have to deal with that amount of up keep.

So the question than remains is a Hollywood tan obtainable for everyone? The answer is yes! No matter who you are you can get the Hollywood tan of your dreams with less effort than you can imagine.

Forget The Sprays

Many years ago Coppertone one of the biggest names in tanning lotions came out with a self tanner. It did not sell well because the pigment in the tanner literally turned you orange. Today there are plenty of self tanners on the market which might be good for a quick coloring for a night on the town but they still have not been perfected.

No matter how much you pay for the self tanner it will eventually wash away and unfortunately none of them wash away evenly. So you are left with two choices either walk around with little blotches on you or don’t use them.

Tanning Beds

Getting enough color BEFORE the season hits can be a challenge and turning to a tanning bed may be your solution. Proceed with caution! Using a tanning bed amplifies the amount of UVA that your body absorbs so you have to be very careful and take your time or you will wind up with a sunburn instead of a tan and peel and cause skin damage.

Is there an easier way to tan? You can get a Hollywood tan with a relatively new product called Melatonan. Do some research and see if it is for you!

A Healthy Glow

man-healthMelanotan is a great way to get that health Hollywood tan without putting your skin through the rigors of laying in a tanning bed. While tanning in a tanning bed is safer than baking on the shore because you can control the amount of sun and time you spend in the bed.

Melanotan is a way to get that healthy glow without even stepping in a tanning bed OR enhancing the tan you get from the bed so you have to spend less time tanning!

Looking Your Best

I put on a few pounds over the winter (who doesn’t?). Taking my clothes off at the beach for the first time would have been a literal nightmare for me if I was not already tan and looking good. There is just something about being tan that makes you feel more confident.

I tried the self tanners and the spray tans and honestly after one or two applications it looked fake. I looked like I rolled around in a bag of Dorito’s. Not a very attractive look. I also ran into problems with streaking especially if I started to sweat or got caught in the rain. It was really awful.

I am a fashion/Hollywood gossip magazine junkie. When I use to flash through the pages I noticed that regardless what time of year everyone had that healthy Hollywood tan going on. Honestly I figured that being a celebrity left plenty of time to get in a tanning bed on a regular basis, I guess I was a little off they were not laying in tanning beds for hours and they were not getting sprayed with chemicals either.

Your Healthy Best

Looking your best means that you are taking care of yourself and yes getting that healthy glow! Those Hollywood tans were created not really earned. Many celebrities were using Melanotan as a way to beef up their natural color and get that California girl/boy glow.

The best part is that it is a natural way to enhance your tan. Last estimates put Melanotan use by about 60,000 people between the US and the UK from sites like Melanotan US. The peptides in this product interact with your natural melanonancortin peptide which functions as the tanning agent in your body.

It is a safe way to look like a million bucks without having to dedicate hour upon hour in the tanning bed and without having to spend a fortune on self tanners!

Lay and Spray!

header_Health_Vegetables_9641_headerWhen I used to tan at a tanning parlor they used to call what I did lay and spray because I would lay in the tanning bed for the full time limit than go in the spray booth to double dip and spray on a fake tan. It was a time consuming and costly event but I would do everything in my power to get my Hollywood tan on.

I am a self described tanning junkie. I think I not only look better but I feel better as well. I feel slimmer and I think my clothes look better on me when I am tan. Of course there is a whole lot of bad news about tanning out there.

While some sun is a necessity too much sun is literally a killer. Our bodies need the sun to help us process Vitamin D without the sun our body can not process this important vitamin. It is all about the balance.

Safely Looking Good

We all have heard about bronzers and other ways to help us to get that healthy looking glow but the reality is I do not have a professional makeup background and although tanning at the salon can easily run me 100′s of dollars each month it is still cheaper than having a professional do my makeup to help me look tan.

I also look at it as anything that I put on my skin that is supposed to make me look tan will come off because it is meant too. It is just simply a matter of time in some cases that time comes rather quickly. It is safe to use so it is an alternative but it is not really effective.

Why We Tan

Tanning is actually a natural defense mechanism of your body. The melatonin in your skin becomes more prevalent when your skin is exposed to the sun. Your skin darkens up to protect your skin from sun damage.

The process results in the creation of more melatonin (which by the way also is a feel good chemical in your body). Melatonin makes you feel good hence why tanning is so enjoyable. We tan from the inside out really not from the outside in!

Increasing the Melatonin

Basically the safest way to get your Hollywood tan on is to increase the melatonin in your body! That means no stinky sprays, no long hours baking and damaging your skin!